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Love Will Tear Us Apart
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Some new additions I have...

Transmission 12" single (1st edition UK)
The Youth Club CD
Love Will Tear Us Apart “7 single (1st edition UK)

...and we could dance.

Inside the line
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The only remotely collectible JD thing I have is a first press of Still. Minus the hessian tie, alas. I sold a lot of my JD collection after moving house. My new housemate called it "Nazi death cult music", completely missing that, as an epileptic, I derive no end of catharsis from JD! 

Inside the line
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Well, lot's of stuff in my JD/NO collection.

I need to update my list, & I will do it soon.

Btw, some rare originals & highlights like, here is a few selection :

- "An ideal for living" 7" ep original - Peter Hook signed it to me last monday in Paris at the occasion of a meeting/intw for a french musical magasine. Great moment & meeting, I could say PH is like a "hero" for me considering the long time I listen to both JD / NO bands.
- "An Ideal for living" 12" original,
- Unknown pleasures UK 1st Lp edition (red vinyl holding at light),
- Sordide Sentimental 7" original - n° 304,
- Japanese BOXSET Cds,
- Still Hessian sleeve original,
- "The ideal beginning" ep + 12" (1st edition) ;
- Komackino Lp (original edition) + both Picture Disc releases of it;
- Electric Funeral 2Lps,
- Death Lp,
- Grufgesaenge 2Lps (clear vinyl - identic to first issue including shadowplay),
- Unknown martyrs Lp,
- Death trip - original version,
- Live in Paris 2Lps - first edition red & green vinyl,
-Gotterdammerung  Lp,
- Le Terme Lp - part 1, original edition,
- Shadowplay Lp (Tadd02),
- JD'Shadowplay Lp,
- Performances 01 2Lps + 7",
- Disorder Lp,
- Dead Soul 2Lps clear vinyl,
- ....
& many mores ....

I am desperately searching for :
- Die Kalten Winde des winters 2Lp,
- End live in England 79 2Lps,
-Concert 18 Jan Effenaar 2Lps,..
If someone have one to sell ...........

Think for yourself ....
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