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Exercise One
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Chapter 25: Skylar

At midnight, we went outside and walked up the street a little. A tall guy with brown hair stood staring at us. He wore blue. His red eyes and fangs gave him away, as did ours.

“Sk-sk-sk-Skylar?” Josie stuttered.

“That’s my name. Don’t wear it out. What’s your name, princess?”

“Josienne,” she replied.

“Ah, Josienne. Pretty name. So this must be Zephyr.”

“Yes,” I said.

“We’ve never met,” he said, “but we knew the same girl.”

I said nothing.

“I’ve never known Kat to disappear. I’ve never had to search for her before. She always came back to me after doing whatever she’d been doing.”

There was no malice in his voice, only concern.

“You haven’t found her, obviously,” said Josie.

“Do you know where she is, Josie?”

“Maybe,” she hinted. “Why did you come to us if you had no idea what Kat was up to?”

“Because last time she spoke to me, which was well over a month ago now, she told me she had stuff to do in northern Holgeirine. It made sense for me to find you if I could because you two are the only vampires in this region.”

“Well, I’m sorry. You’ve had a wasted journey,” said Josie.

“She isn’t here,” I said.

“But you know where she is,” said Skylar.

“Yes. I also know what she was doing until I last saw her.”

“Go on,” said Skylar.

He didn’t have a clue, did he? Well, I told him, alright.

He was both shocked and impressed once he’d heard the whole story.

“Well, I’m glad we met, and I’m glad I know what happened to Kat. Bye, you two.”

“Bye,” we said, then walked off. He wouldn’t be bothering us again.

Back in Josie’s house, we went back upstairs.

Josie’s dad asked if everything was alright and we told him everything was sorted out.

I picked up Draco again, but for a different reason. I wasn’t arming myself this time, but playing.

“Oh, please, not a ballad!”

No, I wasn’t going to play a ballad. I was thinking more rock actually. Josie had had enough of The Killing Moon. She’d have us pretend to be werewolves next time we hunted. Ugh. But I told her they didn’t exist. Well, they did… sometimes… but they shouldn’t.

I just played Draco and sang and we were both reasonably happy. Well, as happy as it was possible to be, all things considered.

E. J. O.

Exercise One
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Chapter 26: Obsessions

For some reason, I was in a bad mood. It was probably because it was hunting time again.

That evening, when the moon was up, I looked as though I might cry, and I hadn’t killed a single human yet.

“Come on, let’s go. I want to get this over with.”

We turned into bats, then flew off.

Josie thought if only we could hunt animals. It would make me feel loads better – and I was Count Zephyr again. I liked that.

Josie drained ten humans and made no fuss about it. I drained ten humans and cried a bit. How pathetic was I? Josie liked my music and my silly antics. She was starting to think the crashed bat thing was funny now, but she was laughing more at how silly she’d been about it rather than the joke of it. She thought my obsession with the full moon was alright as it eased my remorse. I’d be a terrible wreck if I hunted every night. Josie’s were hair – or rather trying to sort it out in the mornings so it looked reasonable. Also keeping Hyde under control was something she was constantly obsessed with. Indeed, insanity was quite an issue for her. I sometimes got a bit mad, but Josie had phases of listening to one of her favourite bands more than any of the others, and the band would change every now and again. But at the moment, she was trying to think of a melody to go with lyrics she’d written and was coming up blank.

“I’ll tell you what,” I said.

“What?” she asked.

“Play your keyboard.”

My idea was to take her away from the lyrics and write the music first, then she could fit the lyrics into that rather than the other way around.

She played her keyboard, after helping me sort the guitar out. I wasn’t being lazy. I was simply using some of the psychic energy I had a huge surplus of because I didn’t use my powers that often.

Josie didn’t bother using a lot of chords – that was my job – but she played different notes. Occasionally, she’d play inverted chords, but that was it. She’d do her octave trick, starting a melody or a hook on a note, which would ascend, then she’d end it two ways – first by going back to the original note, then secondly playing the ending note an octave higher. It was a habit of hers when playing the keyboard. A very good habit, so I told her to keep it. She also found a spooky sound that she liked. It was quite introspective. Spooky sound, pretty much everything minor, it was certainly gloomy.

Then I started messing around with my sound, using various effects. I also changed what I was playing. Occasionally I’d just chug through chords for whole bars, not playing fast, but it certainly had momentum, but most of the time, I slowed things down. I played a lot less heavily, only playing certain beats sometimes, letting Josie’s keyboard have more of a say in things, and sometimes only strumming one chord and sustaining it, and only very occasionally changing the chord I sustained. I kept messing until I had something I was happy with.

Then, as if out of nowhere, Josie sang her lyrics and it felt like we were both walking through a dream.

“Lost in this hellish place where faces bore no smiles and the world has lost its marbles and my life’s hanging by a lonely thread.

The thread is called “doom” and it drops lower and lower draining the happiness out of the place it’s so cold down here and there is nothing, nothing but sadness.

I see a light in the middle of nowhere but I’ve lost all sense of the world around me and the fangs in my neck though there’s this beautiful light.

I see no way out, but I see around this melancholy in the land this night as black as a thousand dark souls but it pains me to realise that light is my own.”


E. J. O.

Exercise One
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Chapter 27: Love Question

Josie was at school. I wasn’t.

Josie was talking to Charlie of the nine patches.

“Hello, Josie,” he said. “Aren’t you normally at Zephyr’s beck and call?”

“I suppose you could say that, yes. I do see him a lot.”

“So what brings you over here?”

“He’s not here.”


“I want someone to talk to.”

“Fair enough.”

“What are you doing at the weekend?” she said, just curious.

“I’m thinking of inviting some friends to go bowling with me. Would you be interested?”

“Er… yeah, if Zephyr will go.”

“Yeah, ask him first. Say he can go if he wants.”

“Yeah, I’ll ask Zephyr. He’ll probably say yes.”

“He turned you into a vampire, didn’t he?”

Uh-oh… Now the cat was out of the bag…

“Come on, Josie, I know a vampire – or two – when I see them. I believe Zephyr may know I know he’s a vampire, but if he does, he hasn’t made a fuss about it.”

“He does know… I think…” Josie said hesitantly. “But, yes, he turned me into a vampire.”

Josie was half-expecting some kind of punishment when she next saw me. I chuckled.

“How did that come about?” was Charlie’s next question.

“Er… I’m not sure if…”

“Go on, tell me. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. He knows me. It’s not like I’m going to blab to anyone.”

“Thanks, Charlie,” she said, still a little worried.

“Do you want to go in the library?” asked Charlie.

“Yes, please.”

So they went to the library. Josie was jogging to keep up with Charlie’s long strides when Josie should be the one faster than Charlie.

“Don’t you have super-speed?”

“Yes, but I’m not as blasé about using it as Zephyr is.”

“Sit,” said Charlie when they were by the comfy chairs. Josie sat on the floor so she was underneath him. Submissive little Josie!

“Sit on the chair, Josie. Does Zephyr make you sit on the floor next to him?”

“No,” said Josie.

“Just something you do?”

“Yeah, sometimes.”

“Well, you can sit next to me, not under me. I’m not going to dominate you.” I didn’t really dominate Josie – she just did everything I said.

“So tell me about the vampire thing.”

Josie told him about the vampire thing. Charlie was very interested to know about me. My unrequited love also came up and Josie told Charlie she didn’t love me. By the time they’d finished talking, first lesson was over. We’d both missed dance. Now we had Potions. I got up and made my way to school. When Josie got there, she wondered where I was. She thought I’d probably turn up halfway through the lesson or something like that…


I jumped out from behind her yet again. Josie jumped and gasped, but then she supposed, I had to have my fun. And she supposed right. I did have to have my fun.

“Halfway through the lesson indeed! What would be the point in that? I hope you don’t think that I’m that much of a rebel!”

“No, you’re just a bit daft and you’re playing the Count again. You do know Dracula’s a villain, don’t you?”

“Villain, tyrant, whatever. Yeah. Bit of a shame, really, because I can easily imagine him being a good guy.”

“I suppose so – Zephyr Daniels, the good version of Count Dracula – I’ll bet Bram Stoker never thought about the Count as good.”

“Yeah, but then if the Count wasn’t evil, who would Jonathan Harker and Van Helsing have to destroy and where would be the story?”

“Where, indeed?”

Then we both laughed.

“Hawkes! Daniels! What are you laughing at?”

“Nothing, Miss Malfew,” I said.

She let the class in, except us.

Much later on, towards the end of the lesson, Josie told me she didn’t fancy me and that she’d been talking to the humongous bighead of the academy, two things I already knew. We’d missed a whole day yet again. This was happening loads. We were going to fail, I knew it, but part of me didn’t care.

We both went to Josie’s house. I knew exactly what we were going to do as well, and it didn’t involve any musical instruments. Instead, it involved some potion bottles.

E. J. O.

Exercise One
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Chapter 28: The Future

“Josie,” I said, “I want to show you something.”

“What do you want to show me?” she asked.

I showed her the potion bottles. She knew the potion, of course.

“How did you get that?”

“I didn’t get it today. I got it a few days ago.”

“I was going to say, I didn’t see you go in the classroom.”

I chuckled.

“Do I need both bottles?” was her next question.

“Most likely.”

“Last time I had this, I was human,” she pointed out.

“So what?” I asked.

“It doesn’t matter?”

“No, it doesn’t. It only wouldn’t work on someone who’s already psychic – like me.”

“What would it do to you?”

“I don’t know, but it certainly wouldn’t do what it’s supposed to do. I do have more than just those two bottles, so we could see what that experiment would do.”

“You’re not serious?”

“Well, we could if you wanted to.”

“Maybe,” said Josie. “We’ll see after I’ve taken mine.”

“We’ll be waiting a while then. It doesn’t matter though. What matters when you’ve got all the time in the world?”

That was true. We had all the time in the world. We were never going to die.

I put the bottles on Josie’s bed.

“Take them when you’re ready,” I said simply.

“Do you like letting me inside your head, Zephyr?”

“Well, I’m in everyone else’s heads, so it’s only fair, isn’t it?”

“Fair enough. What do you want to show me anyway?”

“You’ll see,” I said. Oh, I was being mean! Not telling Josie what it was she’d be seeing. You couldn’t avoid some mystery being friends with me. It was simply impossible. I was a mysterious being. Josie didn’t find me as mysterious as she used to, now she’d got to know me, but I was still a little mysterious when I wanted to be. Only a little.

Josie sat down, unstoppered the bottles and drank the two bottles of the potion maybe a little too fast, but we’d soon see what happened after she’d seen all I could show her.

I was at Matt’s house. Josie had never been there in any way. I was playing a game with him. Matt was older than me now, about seventeen or eighteen. Josie was walking down a street nearby, talking to Zéphine.

“It’s Zephyr’s birthday soon, Josie,” said Josephine. “Next week, I think it is.”

“I know,” said Josie. “What are you getting him?”

“A new cloak. He’ll already know though, won’t he?”

“Yes, he will,” said Josie. “And he’ll already know I’m getting him a guitar.”

“Oh, he’ll love that,” said Zéphine.

“It’s your birthday in a month.”

“Yes, it is. Miserable old me getting older.”

Humph! Miserable old Zéphine! She’d only just be getting into adulthood! Something me and Josie would never do.

“Well, what do you want for your birthday?”

“Nothing,” she replied.

“Just chocolate?”

“Yeah,” she said.

“OK,” said Josie Zéphine was easy to please.

Josie smiled that playful smile of hers I loved.

A week or so later, we were at my parents’ house. Josie’d been here before, but it was in my past. There were balloons up and some of them said eighteen.

“Happy birthday!” they all said to me.

“Four years now,” Josie said. “Fourteen again!”

“Yeah, they all know we’re not ageing, but they’re pretending otherwise.”

“Don’t you want to pretend, or do you want to be fourteen again?”

“Let’s pretend I’m eighteen and we’ll pretend you’re seventeen as well.”

We both laughed. This was three years in the future.

Next we were at school. We were in the older class as well – again, it was a pretence. No, wait, it wasn’t school, it was an Academy-Zero. Yikes, however had we got to such an advanced place?! Still, vampires were a doddle. It was the other things that were hard.

“Describe in as much detail as possible, stating sources used for research, the process of transformation from human to vampire,” were the exact words in one of the questions on a test paper on vampires we’d been given. There would be no sources of research stated – we could write this just from experience.

“Well,” I asked Josie, “how have you answered that one?”

She didn’t need to read her answer to me, but she did so anyway. She was hoping reading it out loud might make it make some sort of sense to her.

“A vampire produces venom in their salivary glands in their mouths, which coats the vampire’s teeth – or fangs. It is fairly superfluous as transformation is its sole use, therefore meaning a vampire may never use it. Like other cells, venom contains DNA.

The process of transformation is initiated by a vampire biting a human. When this happens, vampire venom is injected into the human’s bloodstream, slowly burning the human’s blood cells and changing the human’s DNA. It is not just unpleasant, in fact, that is a serious understatement. It is extremely painful for the human. The pain gets progressively worse as the process goes on, often meaning the human is unable to move and pinned down wherever the vampire has chosen to turn or change them. The pain only decreases when the process is almost over, ceasing completely when it is over. About halfway through the slow process, the human’s skin should be paling and lowering in temperature. A little later on, the human’s eyes should be turning red and their teeth should be sharpening. Once these things have happened, the process ends soon afterwards. The process typically lasts between two and five days, depending on several other factors: how many times the vampire bites the human and therefore how much venom enters the bloodstream, where the human is bitten as the closer it is to the heart, the sooner it is over, and how tall or short the human is, although there are cases of it lasting either shorter or longer periods of time.

Also, as well as producing the visual vampire features, vampire venom creates a physical bond between the human and the vampire turning them once it is in the human’s blood. This bond often means vampire and human stay together as friends, or a romantic item depending on their previous relationship. These relationships can be changed or unchanged.

The vampire transforming the human is known as a sire. There is no name given for the human.

The personality of the sire, their relationship with the human and the circumstances they are in all have an effect on the human’s experience during transformation.

Given the painful and slow nature of vampire venom, transformation can be used as a method of torture by evil vampires. In the worst cases, the human, in this case, labelled the victim, is bitten only once or twice and left in agony. This is dragged out the most and it is, thankfully, rare for such sadistic, brutal and unfeeling vampires to exist. Revenge is often sought following transformation of this cruel nature.

At best, the human only feels the vampire’s initial bites and is unaware they are being turned. This case is only possible if the vampire hypnotises the human by making eye contact with them and staring at them. This numbs all the pain of the venom and can make the human sleep or knock them out. For the human to feel nothing at all, the vampire would need to exert a lot of energy into using this power, which would eventually exhaust him or her. It is good if a vampire hunts – or feeds – one or two days before the transformation is planned, the human knows what to expect, the vampire bites the human a lot, the human is friends with the vampire, the human is in a familiar, comfortable place and the vampire uses hypnosis as much as they can without exhausting themselves. However, it is bad if the vampire is sadistic/evil and victimises the human, leaving them in unpleasant places, uses little or no hypnosis and deliberately drags out the process by biting the human only once.”

“Well, I think you’ve got that exact there,” I told her.

“I’m surprised you didn’t mention me or you though.”

“Am I allowed to?” she asked me.

“You can if you want. There’s nothing stopping you.”

Josie added two more paragraphs to her essay.

“Worst case scenario – Kat and Zephyr Daniels. Kat and Zephyr met at school and were boyfriend and girlfriend, or so everyone thought. Like most of the boys in his year, Zephyr had fallen madly in love with Kat, whose beauty was known throughout the village Zephyr used to live in. Kat posed as his girlfriend, making him one of her victims. Shortly after his fourteenth birthday, Kat took Zephyr to her house and knocked him to the floor in her bedroom. There, she bit Zephyr only twice and left him, ending their relationship. Zephyr killed Kat with my help over a year and a half after his transformation due to Kat’s being crafty as a fox and having a higher than average survival instinct, allowing her to move through places quickly, making her difficult to catch.

Good scenario: Zephyr Daniels and Josienne Hawkes. I met Zephyr at school, and on discovering his vampiric nature, initially feared him, though we soon became friends later on. Zephyr turned me so I could help him find and destroy Kat. Zephyr bit me many times, had me lying on my bed for the entirety of the process and used hypnosis, meaning there were seldom moments where I felt anything. Zephyr hunted shortly beforehand, returning the day of my transformation. Zephyr never left my side during the process, which lasted only a day and we have remained best friends ever since, although Zephyr is now in love with me.”

Next, Josie was in a classroom, singing to a teacher. It was at a college, I think. She was pretending to be eighteen. The teacher was listening to Josie sing.

“Tenor,” he said. I could have told her as much, but it would have freaked her out royally, like it was doing now. Josie thought the teacher was CRAZY initially, but then concluded that he was right. Josie knew she had a low voice, but she never dreamed it was that low.


That was it. Done.

“How much of that do you actually think is going to happen?” Josie asked me.

“All of it,” I said.

Then I drank the two remaining bottles of potion because I was seriously daft. It only made me sleep. Josie slept as well. It was due to some of the stuff in it.


When we woke up, I shook myself and got up. Josie just sat and gazed around the room.

“Come on, let’s go and stretch our wings for a bit.”

“Alright,” she said, and we turned into bats and flew off. We stopped and turned back into vampires a few streets away from our destination.

“Nearly there.”

When we got there, it wasn’t until Josienne saw the silhouettes of two people in the sitting room, watching TV, by the look of it, behind the curtains that she realised where I’d just taken her.


E. J. O.

Exercise One
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Chapter 29: The Undead Bomb

“What are we doing at your parents’ house?” Josie asked me when we started approaching the house, but we soon stopped dead.

“Have a guess, Josie! Honestly!”

Thick or what? No, she knew. She thought I was being stupid.

“Do you really think you can just drop the undead bomb on them and expect them to believe you, let alone be nice about it? Zephyr, most people think vampires are monsters. I don’t quite know what you’re going to say about that. Besides, your parents think you’re dead because they haven’t seen you or heard from you in almost two years – you’ll give them a right scare! They’ll probably think you’re a ghost or something.”

“We’re like ghosts, sort of,” was all I said.

She was debating whether I’d lost my marbles or not.

Did she really think my parents would be that bad?

But then, I didn’t know either – it wasn’t a conversation I’d had before.

Josie decided I was mad, which made me laugh. How ironic. Rich, coming from the worst lunatic in all of Magewood. She gagged me, but when she ungagged me, I told her that I didn’t and couldn’t possibly know what my parents would say, but whether they wanted me or not was risk I was prepared to take.

“What will you do if they don’t want you?” Josie asked.

“We’ll go back to your house,” I replied. “I don’t mind living in Magewood’s cheap side for the rest of eternity. I’d decorate the place and make it so it’s more of a home than just a place to crash. I might get myself a new guitar as well.”

“Alright, see what your parents think of all this vampire stuff then.”

We walked up the path. Josie walked behind me. I knocked on the door.

The door opened a few minutes later. A man answered it. It was my dad, Fred.

“Zephyr?” he asked. “Is that you?”

“Yes, dad,” I replied.

“You’re alive!”

“Sort of,” was all I said.

“Come in, Zephyr, and bring your friend in too – I can see this is going to be a long story.”

Dad called maman down the hall. She’d been in the kitchen.

“Zephyr!” she said, hugging me. “Oh, your skin’s freezing cold!”

Josie, whose human memories, she felt, were starting to get a bit hazy, had forgotten how vampire skin felt to humans.

We sat in my parents’ sitting room.

“So where have you been then?” Fred asked.

“Well, first of all, can I introduce my friend, Josienne Hawkes?”

“Hello, Josienne,” they said.

“Hi,” said Josie.

“Well, you remember Kathryn, don’t you?” I asked them. “Kat?”

“Yes, we remember Kat.”

“She was a vampire.”

“Really? How could she walk around in the daytime then?”

“We don’t burn. We don’t sparkle either.”

“So what did she do?”

“She wasn’t really my girlfriend,” I told them and they immediately disbelieved me.

“Yeah right! We could see how infatuated you were with each other!”

“You only thought you did. I loved her, yes. She actually didn’t love me. She didn’t love anyone in fact.”

My parents both gasped in horror as I told them the whole sodding tale.

“That was nice of him,” said my maman, Fifi, after I told them about the old man giving me his old house after his family moved out.

“Yes, it was,” I agreed with her.

“What did you do after that?” was their next question.

“Well, I only had one thing I wanted to do – to kill Kat.”

“And did you?”

“Eventually, yes.”

Then I told them about Kat and how I met Josie and me and Josie killing Kat.

“She must be a vampire then – she’d have been no good to you human.”

“Yes, she’s a vampire,” I replied, then we went on to talk about Skylar. My parents revealed that Skylar took them in a car – that confounded old rascal! No wonder we’d had nothing! Then I told them about our encounter with him, which they were shocked by, and that was the end of the story.

Dad asked me if I could move back in with them as soon as I could, and naturally, I said I would.

Back at Josie’s house, I decided to be lazy, not using my psychic powers to get Josie’s guitar, and the next day at school was going to be a bad day – for one thing, it was raining, and for another, we’d get our reports.   My face fell.


E. J. O.

Exercise One
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Chapter 30: The End of Things

At school, we sat in our usual seats in the potions classroom that was to be our form room for just one more week. Why the year had to finish in April Josie had no idea. It seemed very odd. She supposed it must be because we had less work to do than the other kids.

“Why are we finishing in April?” Josie asked.

“Well, we really should finish in May, but we’ve got through a lot, so we don’t have to come back until next year. Although we might not be coming back. We did miss a lot.”

“But we had stuff going on.”


Miss Malfew glared at us as she gave us our reports. It wasn’t an encouraging look.

We took the reports and put them in our bags.

“These are your reports,” she said as she went round the class. “Take them home with you. Most of you have done well. There are a couple, however, who haven’t. Some of you will be coming back next year, some of you won’t. And to those who aren’t, I say good luck finding somewhere else to go. You could resit the year if you apply today and there are enough places left for you, but if you do, I will be expecting a great deal more effort out of you than this year or you’ll soon be thrown out. You have been warned.”

What a thing to say. She was harsh today.

“Zephyr, is there any point us coming in next week?”

“Yes. We can say goodbye to people. Tell them we’re not coming back.”

“We can still be friends with them though.”

“Certainly. Charlie of the nine patches would like that.”

“And the others. I’d better ask them if they’re staying.”

“Charlie of the nine patches,” I said, despite Charlie’s looking more hobo-ish than ever what with is tatty clothes. Charlie laughed.

“I believe Prince of Shabbiness would be more appropriate, but I’ll go with nine patches. It sounds better than twenty-odd patches just on my trousers and holes in my top. I’m not staying next year. I might turn into a Humongous Bighead. It’s not a title I deserve anyway. I don’t know where I’ll go, but I’m not staying here. I didn’t hand all my homework in. What about you and Josie?”

“We’re not staying either, but I’ll bet you knew that.”

“I might have guessed.”

At lunchtime, we sat next to Becky, Rachelle, Rodolphus and Jazz for what might be the last time.

“Are any of you four staying?” asked Josie.

“No, I’m not,” said Becky. “Don’t want to. Maybe I picked the wrong subjects.”

“Same here,” said Rachelle.

“My dad wants me to get a job,” said Rodolphus.

“What? A full time job?”

“Yes, I know it sounds crazy.”

“I’m not staying and I’m not resitting. I’m moving,” said Jazz.

“Where are you moving to, Jasper?” I asked.

“Holgistorr,” he replied.

“That’s where my parents live,” I whispered to Josie.

I smiled at Jasper. “You’ll like it there. Nice place. Nice people too.”

“My dad said that,” said Jasper.

When we went home, we looked at our reports together. They weren’t good. Well, Josie’s was a bit better than mine.


Josienne Hawkes




Autumn Term

Possible Attendances

Actual Attendances





Spring Term

Possible Attendances

Actual Attendances





Summer Term

Possible Attendances

Actual Attendances








Josienne has missed a lot this year and has failed the year. Her grades stand thus: 5xU, 2xB, 4xF. She has failed to hand in most of her homework and hasn’t attended all classes. I wish her luck finding another place to go.

That was Josienne’s report. Mine was similar, minus forty attendances, and this is what the notes of mine read:

Zephyr has missed a lot this year and has failed the year. His grades stand thus: 11As, however he has failed to hand in any homework and has been absent rather a lot throughout the year and cannot hope to return. I wish him luck finding another place to go.

What Malfew had written was very harsh, but nonetheless true.



Zephyr Daniels




Autumn Term

Possible Attendances

Actual Attendances





Spring Term

Possible Attendances

Actual Attendances





Summer Term

Possible Attendances

Actual Attendances









Over the next week, we didn’t do much at all. We went to school a couple of times, chatting to our friends and bringing home any projects we wanted to take home. There wasn’t much – only a few arty things or bits of interesting work we’d done on certain topics.

Also, we spent a fair bit of time making a racket and getting on Martin’s nerves.

“SHUT UP!” he yelled up the stairs for the third time on Tuesday evening. We stopped and I laughed.

Also, Josie’s maman visited, which Josie was glad of – she usually visited her throughout the year, but she hadn’t seen her in absolutely ages because she’d been so busy at school and with me and her other friends.

She asked Josie how school was, and she lied, saying “school’s great.”

“She failed,” said Martin.

“Thanks, dad,” said Josie.

“And who’s this?”

“Zephyr Daniels, my best friend.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter that you failed the year, but I’m glad to hear you’ve made some friends.”

That was Thursday and that was a good day.

So our school year was over, and now I was at that shoddy little hell hole I’d been calling a home all this time, packing up my suitcase. I’d moved around a bit, moved on from Kat and made some new friends, but now it was time to properly sort my life out.

“Well,” said Carson when I told him I was leaving, “it’s been nice knowing you, laddie.”

“It’s been nice knowing you as well, Carson. I’ll miss it here. It’s a pretty village, and everyone I’ve met here is really nice, but I’ve got to go.”

A week later, I invited Josie to my house. I was missing her already. I was settled in, my parents got me various toys and games and I had two guitars as well, so that was me happy. We also saw a lot of our friends, Charlie, Becky, Rachelle, Rodolphus, Jazz, Zéphine, Georgie, Matt and Louis. And everything I’d shown Josie in those visions by giving her those two bottles of the ESP potion we made back in Magakin Row Juniors Academy came true. We’d both been through a lot, but everything turned out just perfectly fine in the end.




E. J. O.
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